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FBB Press ShotDiscovering a new favourite band is always fun – and finding out just how deeply passionate they are about music, culture, and life in general through a great interview is equally awesome, if not more. Read on for a short journey through noise-pop merchants Flash Bang Band’s hectic and diverse world – and check out TMMP’s review of their latest single Art History if you’re new to it all. Insight, excitement, and several words I had to look up on Google – it’s all going on here.

Hey guys – thanks for taking the time to do this. So…what excites you?

Traveling around playing music to people, having new experiences, making new friends, having fun with friends, reading books about overindulgent rock stars, documentaries, learning about wars and history, Peregrine falcons, Tardigrades, making inroads to the music worlds, discovering new bands, Albatre.

What bores you?

Generic art, art for art’s sake, TV, poor quality food, bad environmental management, sheep-type people, repetitive occupations, thoughtless parents, war, everything sometimes ha!

How did Flash Bang Band come to be?

I met Rodney on Gumtree through an ad; he was living in South Africa and I used to live there. Rod moved over to start the band after I sent a bunch of demos to him that I’d made with a friend in Brighton, and he knew loads of the songs already. We met Rob after a couple of people had come and gone, and he fit the bill really well. He was a local dude and we all sort of went at it…it evolved over time into the fatter noisy fun pinky pinky boing boing noise thing it is today.

Your latest single, Art History, is the third and final single release from your debut album Bite Your Tongue, which was released a year ago. If you had to pick a single moment as a highlight of the past year, which would it be?

Ooh…very difficult to answer that. I’d say not getting arrested or fined in France when I got breathalysed in Amiens was a definite contender.

You’ve toured Europe a couple of times now. How do European audiences differ from British ones?

Euro audiences have been really amazing to us. The first tour was a month long – and as we travelled around, we could almost feel the anticipation from place to place and watched the profile grow online. We now have firm followings all over Europe. Folks out there seem to get more excited by what we do than in the UK. It seems as though folks are more open to offer to help you out more, it’s normal for them to offer to let you stay at their house, or feed you or whatever – whereas here in the UK maybe folks are a bit more kinda cold… but hey, it’s still cool in the UK too and actually we want to concentrate on getting around the UK a bit more now!

What’s on Flash Bang Band’s bucket list?

Tour the UK more…also, we’ve just secured a new practice space, so we’re going to stop gigging so much and as autumn rolls in, focus on writing the rest of the material we need for album number 2. Once we’ve got that down, we’re going to record and just go hard at finding a nice labelly home for it. After that, more touring, try to get to South Africa, Scandinavia, USA, Japan. It’s really a big part of what we all want to do. I guess it’s like that for everyone in the world though too, right?

What’s your creative process like? Any rituals / habits to declare?

Since we started writing stuff for the new album (which happened all the time from just jams and things at practice), we have committed to a process by which we just write together in the practice space. Songs which have evolved this way, organically with us all present, seem to always get a better response from audiences than when I bring in a song for example, and then add the drums and bass parts etc. It’s just so obvious that the dynamic you create equally is going to have a better result and translate better than any other way round.

Habits: I would have to say going to the shop is a pretty big one for us. That and me and Rodney like a drink or ten. (Rob is a big sober).

What does the future hold for you?

Write songs, record album, find label, do traveling, enjoy life and being a part of music stuff, meet more lovelies in bands and get drunk. Yay!


If you got overexcited and forgot to click the link to TMMP’s review of Art History, click here and don’t worry about it.

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Posted on 20 August 2014

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