Leftover Crack / VERSUS YOU / Ted Dibiase And The Million Dollar Punk Band / In Evil Hour [Live Review – The Underworld, Camden, 18/7/14]

leftover crackPunk is all about keeping things short and to the point. So I’ll do that here.

In Evil Hour

An impressive start to the night. Walking into a room with In Evil Hour playing feels like being hit by a train; their vocalist has a killer scream, and the whole set was fucking badass. A shit-ton of energy and attitude – as you’d expect – but much more besides. I want to hear / see more of In Evil Hour ASAP.

Ted Dibiase And The Million Dollar Punk Band

As you may have guessed given their name, Ted Dibiase and company lean toward the theatrical end of the punk spectrum. Whether taking the stage to the theme from The Godfather, throwing (sadly fake) dollar bills into the crowd, dressing like a punk version of Jamie Lenman’s Heavy / Mellow Band, turning a song about birthday parties into something brutal and demonic, or combining elements of punk, metal, hardcore and blues rock into something…else, these guys know how to grab your attention and force their innumerable quirks and fetishes into the deepest reaches of your soul.

In short, it was fucking awesome.


Travelling all the way from Luxembourg for the opening night of their UK tour, VERSUS YOU put in a stunningly professional pop-tinged punk set. Most bands get more and more polished as they warm up; VERSUS YOU just get more and more pissed off, and their audience reaped the benefits. The crowd was getting pretty packed for these guys, and both band and onlookers clearly loved every second.

This was also the most cocksure and confident set so far. Kudos, VERSUS YOU; this is how you start a tour off right!

Leftover Crack

This wasn’t so much a set as a religious experience. I have massive respect for any act capable of inspiring this kind of devotion from their fans. Moshing, shouting, screaming, pogoing, rapturous applause, a bunch of punk-centred yet diverse songs – this set really had it all. A rammed room, sweat dripping from the ceiling; you get the picture.

These guys get their fans screaming so wildly, I’m pretty sure that at some point somebody in the audience achieved orgasm. Another awesome start to the tour; if you’re reading this and wondering whether or not you should buy a ticket to one of Leftover Crack’s upcoming shows, do it immediately.


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In Evil Hour on Facebook.

Find more gigs via The Underworld’s official website.

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Posted on 19 July 2014

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