twothirtytwo – ‘The Hope We Had’ [Review]

twothirtytwo The Hope We Had art workThis is more like it.

When I last reviewed twothirtytwo, I wasn’t too impressed. But on this four-track extended player, things are very very different indeed. Gone are the awful drum sounds, below-par production and scrappy guitar tones; this is a complete 180-degree turn from what came before.

Opening track Bones is a potential chart-botherer. There are plenty of vintage-modern upbeat yet melancholy tunes making waves out there already, and it’s perfectly possible that Bones could join them. The Reprieve and Epitaph follow suit in style before the haunting The Hope We Had offers something different and a touch spicier.

All tortured guitars and plaintive lyricism, The Hope We Had was my personal highlight; there’s a real ferocity that really got to me on that track. Acoustic closer Wolves may only be 83 seconds long, but it’s enough to make you wish it were longer. Maybe it will be if/when it gets played live?

Overall, this is a stunning about-face from a band of future chart-botherers that I’d come close to writing off. It’s amazing what time can do.

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Posted on 15 July 2014

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