Marco Minnemann – ‘OC DC’ [Review]

marco minnemannIf experiments this wild were performed on people, the individuals responsible would be locked away. Happily, though, Marco Minnemann has chosen to restrict his boundless curiosity and dizzyingly inventive sense of creativity to the world of music – and the result is a glorious piece of genre-splicing audio terrorism that’s warmed my heart and dropped my brain cells into a sea of inspired bliss. The really crazy thing? This is just one track from Marco’s upcoming solo album, EEPS!

If you’re into Thomas Truax or Falsense, you’re likely to love this tune. Listen to it fall apart in front of your ears, and marvel as the Repeat button takes you back to the start, ready for it all to happen again.

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Pre-order EEPS (to be released on July 9th) via Marco Minnemann’s official website.

Lazy Bones Recordings official website. 

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Posted on 16 June 2014

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