Fenix: ‘Paper Wings’ [Review]

FenixlogoAs the product of a collaboration between YouTube art-makeup maven Klaire de Lys, a pair of immensely talented local musicians (in the form of Natassja Saliba and Silvija Vil), and YouTube guitar guru Rob Chapman, it’s safe to say that this social media-loving symphonic rock group’s debut release has some considerable expectations to live up to…and I’m happy to report that those expectations have already been met in style, straight out of the starting gate.

Paper Wings is an exotic and sumptuously structured ballad that fits perfectly into the finely upheld traditions of symphonic bands across the world. Featuring a plaintive vocal gliding over luxurious strings, sparsely picked guitar chords, opulent production, and thick, lavish keyboards, this track is a mist of 24-carat gold dust that gradually solidifies into a self-assured tale of trust, belief, and faith sustained in the face of overwhelming odds and catastrophic life events. The lyric video below is also accompanied by detailed and stirring illustrations courtesy of lead vocalist de Lys.

Overall, this is a perfect and incredibly well chosen debut song from a band whose very name hints at themes of birth, death, creation, destruction, and – above all else – resurrection.

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Posted on 04 August 2013

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