Quiet Slang – ‘Everything Matters But No One Is Listening’ (Album Review)

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Beach Slang’s James Alex could have taken the easy, lazy route when reimagining the above band’s songs as Quiet Slang. He could’ve called in a bunch of reasonably able Ableton jockeys and let them warp his songs into a quaking mass of depressingly shit EDM and R&B tracks. There would be four-to-the-floor beats, obligatory guest rap vocals, and factory-preset synths all over the place, and the resulting criticism would have been fast, brutal, and merciless Read more…

Posted on 15 May 2018

Giacomo Pope – ‘Newness’ [Review]

Giacomo Pope

This seems to be the weekend for experimental electronica on TMMP. This time out, long-time favourite Giacomo Pope returns with some literally-titled Newness – a five-minute slice of ultra-chilled and wordless vibes complete with detailed layers and trademark synthesised warmth.

Giacomo Pope’s ability to make machine music breathe is a true talent. The perfect antidote to a long, stressful week. Read more…

Posted on 18 October 2015

Are We Having Fun Yet? – ‘Are We Having Fun Yet?’ [Review]

Are We Having Fun Yet?

Weekends were made for chilling – and this two-track release from none-more-new electronica duo Are We Having Fun Yet? is perfect for anyone who needs to unwind right now. The brainchild of TMMP regular Giacomo Pope and Tom Ridley, AWHFY?’s self-titled debut is a super-cool, ultra-slick, and inventive adventure into minimalist musical space. Yes. Hear it all below… Read more…

Posted on 26 June 2015

Princess Slayer / Oh So Quiet / Lily Oakes [Live Review – The Stillery, Camden, 8/4/2015]

Princess Slayer

I love Camden’s diversity. Step out of Camden Town tube station and you’re a minute away from the Jazz Cafe, punk and hardcore institution the Underworld, and the Stillery – an intimate hole in the wall torn apart last week by Mancunian post-hardcore up and comers, the Hyena Kill. This time around, the Stillery hosted a set of very different musicians.

Lily Oakes is an interesting one. A series of trip-hop-oriented tracks performed in the most Read more…

Posted on 10 April 2015

Giacomo Pope – ‘Skin’ [Review]

giacomo pope skinGiacomo Pope is a musical chameleon. As an axe-handler for Chronographs, this guy made a name for himself through hyperkinetic tech-metal and (in 2014) complex yet catchy math-rock. Now that Chronographs have been put (hopefully temporarily) on hold following the amicable departure of vocalist Jon Sinfield, Pope has Read more…

Posted on 21 March 2015

Giacomo Pope [Interview]

Screen shot 2015-03-16 at 10.30.17In 2014, one of my favourite discoveries was a band called Chronographs. A former tech-metal act who had turned their attention to math rock and were pushing out one track a month, Chronographs had everything a band need to capture a listener’s attention and imagination. Unfortunately, a few months later Chronographs were put on hold following the amicable departure of their vocalist.

Since that time, Chronographs guitarist Giacomo (Jack) Pope has remained busy, and is now Read more…

Posted on 16 March 2015

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