Rage Against The Machine – ‘Rage Against The Machine’ [Special Feature]

rage agaisnt the machine debut cover albumOver 22 years since its release – and more than half a decade since Killing in the Name famously wiped the floor with X Factor pop puppet Joe McElderry – Rage Against The Machine’s ten-track debut remains as fierce and stirring as ever. This album is one of my very first musical loves – and it continues to be a regular soundtrack to my daily goings-on even in the face of the innumerable songs I’ve given time to while running TMMP.

At the start of 2015, Read more…

Posted on 09 January 2015

TMMP’s Top Albums Of 2014

The “death of the album” has been declared many times in recent years – but nonetheless, musicians keep making them and are showing no signs of stopping (and thank God for that!). Almost a decade and a half into the twenty-first century, there still exist bands and artists capable of composing immersive, engaging, and fully satisfying collections of songs that stand up to repeated, unshuffled listens. Here are fifteen of them. Read more…

Posted on 29 December 2014

TMMP’s Top Gigs Of 2014

2014 has been a difficult time for underground live music in the UK. With small venues across the country facing all manner of issues, it was heartening to see the team behind Guildford’s Boileroom make it through an emotionally trying licence review process and move on to host some incredible gigs and community-oriented events. With any luck, 2015 will see a change in fortunes for venues like the Boileroom.

From intimate showings from ska legends to inhumanly tight math-pop sets via beatboxing virtuosity and an audience with the professor of punk, here are TMMP’s top gigs of 2014. Read more…

Posted on 21 December 2014

Beardyman [Live Review – KOKO, London, 28/11/14]

beardyman press

UPDATE: TMMP has been reborn! This video has the full story:

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On the walk from Waterloo station to Camden, I passed at least three busking beatboxers. The faces were different, but the acts were the same – a combination of robot impressions, oppressively generic beats, and faithful and flawless impressions of a variety of non-percussive instruments. By the time KOKO’s dramatic facade came into view, the novelty of solo beatboxing had more than worn off; London was beginning to feel saturated by Beardyman wannabes. Read more…

Posted on 01 December 2014

Beardyman – ‘Distractions’ [Review]

beardyman distractions

In an age of instant gratification, where everyone wants everything yesterday, dropping a sophomore album over three and a half years after your debut can be an anxiety-provoking event. It can be argued that music fans are more fickle than ever, easily susceptible as we all are to distraction and immediate amnesia – and under such conditions, almost any musician could reasonably expect the world to have moved on over the course of 42 minutes, let alone months. However, Beardyman is no standard-issue artist. Read more…

Posted on 08 November 2014

Beardyman – ‘Concentrations’ [Review]

Beardyman concentrationsIf you’re looking to have your brain fucked in and enjoy the experience, Beardyman is the artist for you. A restless and relentless musical innovator and virtuoso beatboxing mouth-wizard, Beardyman holds little back on the appropriately-titled Concentrations, which is only a taster of what’s to come on his upcoming album Distractions. Read more…

Posted on 25 September 2014

Dani Rosenoer – ‘Basement Jams 2 EP’ [Review]

dani rosenoer basement jamsAs we saw last December, Dani Rosenoer thinks differently. So, for this review, so will I. I’m going to attempt to sum up each track on Basement Jams 2 in a single sentence. Let’s see how it goes… Read more…

Posted on 01 May 2014

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