Quiet Slang – ‘Everything Matters But No One Is Listening’ (Album Review)

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Beach Slang’s James Alex could have taken the easy, lazy route when reimagining the above band’s songs as Quiet Slang. He could’ve called in a bunch of reasonably able Ableton jockeys and let them warp his songs into a quaking mass of depressingly shit EDM and R&B tracks. There would be four-to-the-floor beats, obligatory guest rap vocals, and factory-preset synths all over the place, and the resulting criticism would have been fast, brutal, and merciless.

Happily, Everything Matters But No One Is Listening worked out very differently. Personally, I actually prefer the Quiet Slang versions of almost every song on here; the lyrics shine all the brighter for being exposed in the most vulnerable position possible, and each arrangement and production job feels fucking exquisite, not to mention expensive. Regardless of how much it may have actually cost to make, this is a luscious, luxurious album.

Although this album is clearly aimed at Beach Slang fans, the further it spreads the more new followers it’s likely to draw into the fold. The contrast between full-tilt punk rock and laid back cello, piano, and vocal arrangements is obvious – and although those who appreciate both ends of the spectrum may be relatively few, they are out there, and a project like this is perfectly positioned to attract them. In any case, Quiet Slang is plainly a labour of love – and Everything Matters But No One Is Listening is seductive, settling, and satisfying.

LTK RATING: 90% (Essential Listening!)

Everything Matters But No One Is Listening drops May 18; pre-order it on Bandcamp.

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Posted on 15 May 2018

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