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The Algorithm Brute Force Rémi Gallego Interview Album Review

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There isn’t another musician on Earth like Rémi Gallego. With The Algorithm’s new album (try saying that ten times really quickly) Brute Force dropping on April 1 after scoring 91% on TMMP here, and many ears awaiting its onslaught of labyrinthine synth lines and cortex-crunching grooves, TMMP caught up with Rémi Gallego via email to talk Brute Force, influences, creativity, and thoughtful neighbourly feedback…

Your new album Brute Force is out on April 1. How’re you feeling about it? 

I can’t wait to finally unveil this album. It’s my proudest achievement so far and I’m excited that people can finally hear it!  

What’s your earliest music-related memory? 

Listening to my dad playing Deep Purple’s riffs, probably.  

What first inspired you to start making the kind of music you do?

Listening to The Dillinger Escape Plan and Aphex Twin a lot. 

What was your creative process while writing and recording Brute Force? How did those ideas go from idea to reality?

I wanted to bring a more natural feeling from the beginning. While the music is very oriented towards machines and electronics, it’s very important for me to bring back a human feeling into it. 

How did you evolve, as a musician and as a person, over the course of creating Brute Force

I realised that I love playing live guitar, and I want to improve that aspect more and more over time.  

What inspires you? 

The sound of a fresh baguette cracking in the oven. #france #oui  

What’s the best advice you’ve ever received about pursuing a career in music? 

“What is this shit? Is this even music?” – My neighbour, in 2012  

If you had to pick two moments from your career so far as all-time highlights, what would they be? 

I think Download Festival in 2013 was a big milestone, and releasing Brute Force seems well to be the second one.  

Beyond Brute Force’s release date, what does the future hold? 

More shows and touring all over the world. I am very grateful that I have fans everywhere on the planet, I can play almost anywhere!

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Posted on 22 March 2016

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