Sonic Boom Six – ‘No Man No Right’: If Feminism Makes You Uncomfortable, You Need To Check This Out. [Review]

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As a straight white guy who spends a lot of his life around music, I get a lot of stick for standing up for anyone who doesn’t fit that same template. But it’s worth doing – and it’s also awesome to be able to point to bands like Sonic Boom Six and say “Look – they’re doing it right!

No Man No Right – a fun but equally powerful pro-woman ska track, complete with tongue-in-cheek video and infused with that inimitable Sonic Boom Six style – is right on the money. But there’s a question lurking out there – “But you’re a man. So why do you give a shit anyway?”

Here are a few experiences that answer that question:

1) Seeing countless women at rock / punk / metal shows getting leered at, harassed, and/or subjected to the sadly-classic and none-more-creepy “Mystery Grope”;

2) Listening to assorted tossers at shows pointing out to their mates that a female performer is “…pretty good for a girl!” (especially at acoustic shows, where chatting over the performers marks you out as a prick to begin with);

3) Watching female performers “grin and bear it” through sets punctuated by enthusiastic requests that they…er…reveal themselves;

4) Overhearing men (or, more accurately, boys) say “What are they doing here?!” in shocked and flustered voices when they see anyone who doesn’t look / isn’t straight, white, or male at a rock / metal / punk / hardcore show;

5) Being constantly bombarded by endless songs, albums, and music videos that reinforce the idea that in order to enjoy any kind of alternative / underground music, you have to be a straight white guy – and if you are a girl, then you do have a place: Spending the duration of a music video wandering around in the woods or other isolated areas looking lost and vulnerable, in various states of undress;

6) Seeing (fortunately a handful of) fucking cowards spot a girl in a mosh pit, stare at her for a few songs, punch her in the face, and do a disappearing act that would make Dynamo envious (NOTE: Fortunately this one is as rare as it is fucked up, but the fact it happens in the first place is a problem);

7) Realising that the silent majority don’t actually think the above is cool at all – but still choose to remain silent, while the vocal minority continue to do as they please.

It’s 2015, not 1915 – and alienating half of humanity from certain music scenes should be a thing of the past. Hopefully more bands will follow Sonic Boom Six’s lead; statements like this remain all too rare.

TMMP RATING: 96% (Essential Listening…and Viewing!)

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Posted on 26 October 2015

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