Press To MECO – ‘Good Intent’ [Review]

Press To MECO

Tired. Old. Worn-out. Worthless.

Press To MECO’s ideas do not match any of those descriptions.

Family Ties ties together pop-punk’s signature let’s-drink-ten-Red-Bulls-and-have-a-star-jump-competition energy with hooks twisted into time-pretzels via multi-meter manipulations that are nothing short of genius. Then Diffusion Of Responsibility kicks into a fat head-bobbing riff that could spark off a circle pit at a funeral. By the time that super-tasty second track is through, we’re firmly in…well, we’re not firmly in anything. It’s a bit mathy, and it owes a clear debt to post-hardcore legends from Kerbdog to Reuben, but there’s also a definite step-up in terms of near-surgical precision.

Press To MECO have established a territory, a niche, of their own. And it is somewhere you need to visit ASAP. There are clear influences (Reuben, Biffy Clyro, classic pop-punk), but they’re all shredded and blended to such an extent that the result feels fresh. A loveable mongrel. Pure Press To MECO – and nothing else.

On Good Intent, PTM have opened a portal into fascinating new musical possibilities. Listening to each track feels like watching a detective shine a torch into a darkened room. Joy, discovery, invention – all are present and correct. It’s thrilling to imagine where these guys will go from here – but until tomorrow comes, this long-playing mass of batshit insanity will keep you more than merely satisfied.

TMMP RATING: 98% (I’m serious. Beyond-Essential Listening!)

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Posted on 17 September 2015

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