Black Peaks – ‘Crooks’ [Review]

Black Peaks

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Whenever I listen to Black Peaks, I wind up with a massive grin splitting my face like a Halloween pumpkin. Their Closer To The Sun EP has been played so many times at TMMP HQ that I’m sure the ones and zeroes are starting to wear out, and the more recent Glass Built Castles pushed things even further toward trance-inducing bliss overload.

In short, I like Black Peaks. They are good.

Now, we have Crooks – and quite honestly, it’s tempting to advise Black Peaks to go easy, because they’re hogging so much awesome that it’s getting to be unfair on everyone else. Crooks is fucking phenomenal – an absolutely exceptional example of math rock done right. On record, these guys actually capture a considerable chunk of the blunt-impact power present in their live shows – a praise- and respect-worthy achievement.

It’s little wonder that Black Peaks are set to take a whole bunch of UK festivals by storm this year.

The only bad thing I can say in relation to this track is that after the video was finished playing on YouTube, said video-streaming platform’s autoplay function decided to assault my eyes and ears with a beyond-shit Jessie J track. Love Black Peaks; fuck Google.


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Posted on 28 April 2015

2 responses to “Black Peaks – ‘Crooks’ [Review]”

  1. bullsound says:

    Sadly I can’t watch the video (there are some restrictions regarding music right on youtube in Germany), but I really loved the included song! Thanks for the tip!

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