Morning Bound – ‘Morning Bound EP’ [Review]

Morning Bound

The hell with the UK. I’m moving to NYC.

New York has long been associated with none-more-cool music of assorted kinds, and this EP continues that home-town tradition by eschewing norms and traditions in favour of a purely eccentric, experimental approach to composition and performance. I Did Fine features looped harmony vocals, syncopated melody lines, finely fractured lyrics and winningly jazzy bass/drum interplay; Morning Bound gets vulnerable and plaintive in inimitable style; Let Your Freak Flag Fly encourages individuality, leading by example; Want For Nothing drips with minimalism; and Im Kvar Levad jumps off the deep end with Hebrew lyrics, tangential Jamiroquai-style basslines, and high-speed bass/scatted-vocal sections.

Morning Bound’s long-awaited debut EP is definitely different. Influence-spotting is particularly tough; there’s definitely plenty of jazz flavour in there, while this EP’s title track harbours shades of Muse and Incubus – but connections to pre-existing inspirational sources are tenuous at best. This is the sound of three almost unfairly talented musicians aiming to take your mind and throw it like a frisbee, while making sure you enjoy the process.


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The Morning Bound EP will be released on May 24th.

The official EP release show will take place at Rockwood Music Hall Stage 2 on Sunday, May 24th at 9pm. The trio will also perform at this year’s Israeli Jazz and World Music Festival in Chicago on May 14th, 7pm at Constellation.

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Posted on 15 April 2015

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