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princess slayer ep launch showI’ve never made a secret of my love for Princess Slayer’s music. Watching this Guildfordian EDM duo evolve since their emergence onto the UK’s music scene has been a fun and gratifying experience – and very soon, their new EP Living will be ready to make a permanent home in your ear canals. TMMP caught up with vocalist Casey Lim and drummer Vince Welch to talk Living, live music, and happiness…

Your new EP Living is coming out soon. How’re you feeling about that fast-approaching release date?

Excited! A lot of hard work has gone into the creation of this EP. It starts with us writing the songs but we wouldn’t be able to share our work with anyone without the help of our team. So, we feel a lot of gratitude and pride.

Is there an underlying theme behind Living?

Yes. The songs are about different stages and aspects of life and how we experience it as individuals. In a nutshell, Living is about learning, evolving, reflecting, purpose and acceptance.

You’re set to play an EP release party at the Stillery in London on April 8th. What’s your favourite thing about playing live?

We love playing live because it brings our songs to life; it’s a completely different experience to our recorded tracks. Playing gigs allows us to connect with people and actually see and feel how they respond to our music.

Performing live can be an intense experience. Do you suffer from stage fright or nerves? If so, how do you get past them?

Nerves are pretty much a given, but we try to switch the nerves into hype by jumping about backstage. Sometimes we dance to the Chicken in the Corn song!

For your live shows, you include a guitarist and bassist in your lineup. What made you go for that rock-oriented setup rather than the duo format that’s so common in electronic music?

Live electronic music sometimes lacks energy and attitude. We wanted to build a show that is musically and visually entertaining.

What would your stage show be like if money were no object?

Completely over the top and tacky. It’s probably best that money is an object!

What’s your creative process like? How does a Princess Slayer song go from idea to reality?

There’s no formula. Ideas come from every angle – a song could start with a beat or a recording of cutlery. We basically just go with what feels right to start with and naturally progress from there.

Describe your musical philosophy.

Music is never wrong.

What motivates you?

Fulfillment and happiness. And food.

Beyond your EP release, what does the rest of 2015 hold for Princess Slayer?

Working with other artists, being open-minded and expanding our sound. We’ll be playing lots of gigs and working towards an album.

What’s on your bucket list?

Play Glastonbury; perform in every continent; and learn to fly a helicopter!

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Pre-order Living via iTunes here.

Princess Slayer official website.

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Posted on 30 March 2015

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