Dunderbeist – ‘Hyklere’ [Review]

dunderbeist hyklereXenophobia is experiencing a real renaissance in the UK right now. Anti-EU attitudes seem to be a real talking point around these parts – and frankly, I think they’re fucking stupid. European people are badass – and if you need proof of that fact in musical form, this album should do the trick.

Although I can’t understand a word of their lyrics, Dunderbeist rock hard – and also deliver a uniquely twisted take on the modern post-hardcore / math-punk styles currently in vogue in the UK rock underground. Songs like Gryta and Sjøldestruksjon pkt.1 could express Dunderbeist’s intense desire to park their tour bus on my mother’s face for all I know, but it’s hard not to respect their decision to stick with their native tongue and push their music into foreign territories where language barriers are often cause for fearful and thoughtless dismissal. Regardless of the language barrier, Dunderbeist’s words and music are so full of passion and hard-hitting emotion that it’s impossible to not be moved by the sheer force of it all.

Pressing play on the album below may be the wisest move you make all day. And if you need further convincing, I have it on good authority that Hyklere is this man’s new favourite album:

Screen shot 2015-03-05 at 16.17.13There you go. That should be all you need.



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Posted on 06 March 2015

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