Plini – ‘The End Of Everything’ [Review]

plini the end of everything

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Instrumental guitar EPs shouldn’t sound like this. They should be awful, self-indulgent shitfests full of pointless musical masturbation. They definitely should not be beautiful, glorious, or epic.

On The End of Everything, Plini has done everything wrong.

Take the drums, for instance. They should be MIDI, not performed with flawless flair by Marco Minnemann.  Schoolboy error.

Next, check out the composition. Melodies and riffs that bring to mind Frank Zappa, as filtered through the minds of Alex Machacek and Steve Vai (particularly the latter’s Story of Lighlong-player). What?! Something more than stock CAGED-shape arpeggios and repetitive three-note-per-string runs? Pfft. It’s all wrong, is what it is.

Plini has a lot to learn. Confusing “MIDI” with “Minnemann”? Using other real, highly talented instrumentalists on top of that? Taking influence from players whose surname isn’t Satriani? Coming out with an EP that you can actually listen to and appreciate as music? Fucking mental. I give up.


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Posted on 04 March 2015

4 responses to “Plini – ‘The End Of Everything’ [Review]”

  1. Christian S. says:

    Perfect review. Such awesomeness.

  2. Anssi Aarnio says:

    I really much enjoy also Sithu Aye. Such happy metal. especially senpai, please notice me :)

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