Idiom – ‘Movement EP’ [Review]

idiom movementI’m not one for golden-age thinking. Although the alt-metal movement that got me into music birthed some breathtaking albums, a lot of it was shit. Alt-metal’s new breed, however, are taking the best of the past and using it to forge a better future.

Movement is a prime example of this. Rage Against The Machine’s snotty rap-metal attitude and deeply grooving riffs, nu metal’s penchant for dynamic shifts and thick walls of sound, and a healthy bit of Avenged Sevenfold-style widdling are all present and correct on Movement‘s opening title track – and what a statement of intent that is. Beyond Movement‘s ton-of-bricks impact lies Braindead – think (Hed) PE, Limp Bizkit, and Skindred jamming their nuts off – and much more vintage-modern tuneage in the form of Said And Done (catchy clean vocal hooks over depraved distortion); In The Fall (full of Sonic Boom Six’s punky bounce and call-to-arms lyricism); Cold Night Run (wicked 6/8 grooves filled with tense anticipation); and Red (bass-heavy riffs and rolling drums driving an irresistible chorus and blissfully soaring guitar solo). From start to finish, it’s all a win.

Overall, Movement is the 100% authentic, real alt-metal deal. On behalf of those who saw this movement take flight the first time around, well fucking done.

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Posted on 27 September 2014

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