In Dynamics – ‘Questions’ [Review]

in dynamics questionsHaving heard In Dynamics live before checking them out on record, this isn’t what I expected. During Questions, there’s a lot less of the Biffy Clyro sound I noted during their live show, and many more beams of uniqueness poking through the dark thundery clouds of rock.

The House has a hell of a hook that translated brilliantly live, and works very well as an opening track. An Atheist Can’t Be An Atheist gets crushingly heavy in terms of both riffage and philosophical themes, turning my headphones into a thickly-walled rock cocoon that I just don’t want to leave. Tasty and non-wanky twiddly bits too; a nice touch.

Waking Life reminds me of TMMP’s math-rock favourites Signals before summoning the ghost of early Biffy Clyro for a songwriting session and a four-minute jam punctuated by syncopated stabs worthy of the label. Knife-sharp rhythms and so many hooks that it’s all starting to remind me of Hellraiser and Saw movies right now. I hate horror movies, but I love this tune; go figure.

Closing tune Grace doesn’t take the anticipated low-key-and-chilled angle I was expecting; super cool Infinity Land vibes with a touch more polish and a top-notch vocal reign supreme here instead. Fine by me; it sounds fucking sick. By the time it’s all done, I’m ready to go back to the start.

Overall, this is the kind of productivity-damaging release that every music reviewer secretly fears. I’m facing a constantly-overwhelming backlog of new artists and releases to write about, but for now, it’s going to have to wait.

And now, I’m entering The House again. I feel a little like a junkie knocking on his dealer’s door, but like all junkies, I can find a way to justify it. Questions just feels good when it’s flowing through your ears. Listen below, but only if you’re prepared to not give a fuck about your job for a while.

Oh, and if you’re working for a label: Sign these guys. Every day In Dynamics remain unsigned is a black day for music.

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Posted on 03 June 2014

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