Babymetal – ‘Live At Wembley’ [Review]

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Babymetal – the ultimate Marmite band – have been simultaneously embraced as an international phenomenon, and dismissed as a silly fad. At this point, though, it’s clear that one side have emerged the winners. Babymetal are here to stay, and there’s nothing their haters can do about it.

In the face of scepticism and hostility, you can fold, you can fight, or you can simply ignore it and keep doing what you do, haters be damned. Babymetal have opted for a combination of the latter two approaches – and the results speak for themselves. Live At Wembley’s thirteen tracks offer ample examples of what can be achieved with enough love, dedication, and focus.

Live albums have always been a mixed bag, some standing tall as testaments to a given band’s ability to transcend technological barriers and drag listeners almost bodily into the live experience, and others coming across as little more than money-grabbing cash-ins targeted exclusively at superfans. Live At Wembley is absolutely the former; it’s immersive, glorious, heavy as fuck, and definitively exceptional.

If you’re a Babymetal newcomer, Live At Wembley is the perfect place to get started. If you happen to know or be a Babymetal obsessive considering an early Christmas present for yourself or a BFF, look no further. Comprising a greatest hits set strewn with modern classics from BABYMETAL DEATH to Awadama Fever, Doki Doki Morning, Amore, KARATE, THE ONE and Road Of Resistance, this is a set guaranteed to leave you satisfied and grinning from ear to ear.

In short: A flawless victory. Long may Babymetal’s winning streak continue.

TMMP RATING: 100% (Essential Listening!)

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Posted on 29 November 2016

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